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Fluoride Toothpaste -bubblegum flavored-.85oz.

#TP02 Fluoride toothpaste for young children. ADA Approved (American Dental Association) Bubble gum flavor .85 oz tubes 144 to a

Fluoride Toothpaste-bubblegum flavored- 3 oz.

#TP03  Fluoride toothpaste for young children Bubblegum flavor 3 oz. tubes 72/case ADA Approved (American Dental Association) Recommended for ages

FluorideToothpaste-mint flavored-3 oz.

#TP01 Mint flavored fluoride toothpaste for young children Light mint flavored ADA Approved. (American Dental Association) 3 oz tube 72/case

Large Demonstration Toothbrush

#LT Large Demonstration Toothbrush Over-sized toothbrush For use in displays emphasizing dental health for children. 13″ long.

Non-Fluoride Tooth Gel

#TP06 Non-flouride, bubblegum flavored Tooth Gel 2 oz tubes 36 /case Recommended for ages 2 & up.

Toddler Sparkle Toothbrush

#TB01  Toddler Sparkle Toothbrushes Gittery Blue, Red, Green & Purple 4 rows & 28 tufts Soft white bristles Individually wrapped


#TB04 Adult Toothbrushes beautiful rainbow colors top quality soft bristles of DuPont nylon, with ends rounded and polished to ensure


#TB08 Child sized toothbrushes. Beautiful rainbow colors with white bristles Top quality Soft bristles of DuPont nylon, with ends rounded


#TB06 Child-Sized Toothbrushes. Neon colored brushes with white bristles Top quality, soft bristles of DuPont nylon, with ends rounded and


#TB07 Child-Sized Toothbrushes. Rainbow colored brushes with colored bristles, Top quality, soft bristles of duPont nylon, with ends rounded and