Toothbrush Holders: Choose 10 hole or 6 hole holder

#LB10-S Classroom Toothbrush Rack Holds 10 Toothbrushes LB10-S is 12″ long, holds 10 toothbrushes with 2 ” between brushes-pictured Sanitary,

Toothbrush Rack for 12 Toothbrushes

#LB12-S  Toothbrush Rack holds 12 toothbrushes Classroom toothbrush holder 12 holes with 2 ” between brushes. Sanitary, Convenient, Sturdy, Portable

Toothbrush Holder for 20 Toothbrushes

#LB20  Classroom Toothbrush Rack Holds 20 Toothbrushes holds 20 toothbrushes, 19″ long Classroom toothbrush holder Sanitary, Convenient, Sturdy, Portable, &

Toothbrush Holder for 20 Toothbrushes (stretch model)

#LB20-S Classroom Toothbrush Rack Holds 20 Toothbrushes 24″ long, holds 20 toothbrushes with 2″ between brushes. Classroom toothbrush holder Sanitary,

Toothbrush Holder for 5 Infant/Toddler Safety Toothbrushes

#LBPD-5  Infant Toothbrush Rack Toothbrush rack stores 5 infant toddler safety brushes. Classroom toothbrush holders Sanitary, Portable, Convenient, Sturdy and Chemical

Toothbrush Holder for 10 Infant/Toddler Safety Toothbrushes

#LBPD-10   Toothbrush holder for classroom- infant/toddler safety toothbrushes.- Holds 10 Infant/Toddler Safety Toothbrushes. Classroom toothbrush holder Sanitary, Portable, Convenient, Sturdy and

Cover Replacement Mesh Bag

#LBBG Replacement Mesh Bag for cover #LBCVR If mesh bag for the cover is desired sold separately  

6 Replacement Clips for Toothbrush Cover

#LBCLP Clips (6) clips for replacement for Covers for Toothbrush Holders replace lost or broken clips used for #LBCVR &

Cover Replacement Mesh Bag Long for LBCVR-S

#LBBG-S Mesh Bag for Replacement for Cover If replacement for mesh bag is desired Sold separately Fits #LBCVR-S

Take Care of Your Teeth Book

#BK146 Take Care of Your Teeth Book This is a Rookie Read-About Health book that explains the best way to

Loose Tooth Book

#BK143 Loose Tooth Book Great photos and clear text will help children learn about losing teeth. Andy loses a tooth

All About Teeth

#BK174 All About Teeth Book Great photographs and  clear messages in text, Provides a simple introduction to the importance of

At the Dentist Book

#BK175  At the Dentist Book Great photos portray a visit the the dentist. Clear text provides a simple introduction to

Dental Health Posters 4/set

#PST05 4 posters with the following verbal and visual messages: Brush Your Teeth at Home Brush Your Teeth at School Choose

Magi Dragon Puppet

#BP15 Magi-Dragon Puppet  After kids learn where to brush and how to brush, they can practice with the oversized toothbrush

A Tooth is Loose Book

#BK145 A Tooth is Loose Book This is such a fun book about losing a tooth. Great comical characters show

Brush, Brush, Brush!

#BK241 Brush, Brush, Brush! Rookie Board Book for Toddlers Fun Rhythmic Rhyming Instructions for Brushing Teeth Tooth Brushing made Fun with Colorful

Brushing Teeth Book

#BK176  Brushing Teeth Book Great photos Clear text show how, why, when and what he uses to brush his teeth.

Dear Tooth Fairy Book

#BK124 Dear Tooth Fairy Book Emily has her first loose tooth. She writes to the Tooth Fairy every day, giving

Dental First Aid Poster English

#PST 01 Dental First Aid Poster Step-by-step, easy to read instructions for the most common  childhood dental injuries in early

Dental First Aid Poster Spanish

#PST 02 Dental First Aid Poster Step-by-step, easy to read instructions for the most common early childhood dental injuries Spanish.

Fluoride Toothpaste -bubblegum flavored-.85oz.

#TP02 Fluoride toothpaste for young children. ADA Approved (American Dental Association) Bubble gum flavor .85 oz tubes 144 to a

Fluoride Toothpaste-bubblegum flavored- 3 oz.

#TP03  Fluoride toothpaste for young children Bubblegum flavor 3 oz. tubes 72/case ADA Approved (American Dental Association) Recommended for ages

FluorideToothpaste-mint flavored-3 oz.

#TP01 Mint flavored fluoride toothpaste for young children Light mint flavored ADA Approved. (American Dental Association) 3 oz tube 72/case