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Take Care of Your Teeth Book

#BK146 Take Care of Your Teeth Book This is a Rookie Read-About Health book that explains the best way to

Loose Tooth Book

#BK143 Loose Tooth Book Great photos and clear text will help children learn about losing teeth. Andy loses a tooth

Di “aaaa” Dora va la medico Book

#BK139 Di “aaaa” Dora va la medico Book In Spanish. Dora and Mami are going to the doctor for a

Max Goes to the Doctor

#BK136 Max Goes to the Doctor At his yearly checkup, Max gets weighed and measured. He gets his ears, heart,

Fuel the Body Book

#BK210 Fuel the Body Book In this book, children are introduced to healthy behavior in the nutrition their bodies need.

Being Active (hard cover)

#BK229 Being Active Book A colorful and informational book about the various methods of being active. It describes how fun

Being Active Book/Mantenerse activo

#BK214 Mantenerse activo/Being Active (hard cover)

All About Teeth

#BK174 All About Teeth Book Great photographs and  clear messages in text, Provides a simple introduction to the importance of

At the Dentist Book

#BK175  At the Dentist Book Great photos portray a visit the the dentist. Clear text provides a simple introduction to

Mealtime Training Pack

#BK193 Mealtime Training Pack Informative guide on introducing children to a healthy, balanced diet from an early age Designed for

Feet are not for Kicking Book

#BK104 Feet are not for Kicking Book Feet were made for walking, standing, leaping, kicking balls or leaves. But not

Ooey,Gooey, Pinkeye Germs Book

#BK48 Ooey,Gooey, Pinkeye Germs Book An informative book to explain to kids about the germs they can’t see. Children will