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The Meet and Bean Group Book/grupo de las carnes y los frijoles

$18.49 $9.25
#201 grupo de las carnes y los frijoles/The Meet and Bean Group Book Spanish and English in the same book,

All About Teeth

#BK174 All About Teeth Book Great photographs and  clear messages in text, Provides a simple introduction to the importance of

At the Dentist Book

#BK175  At the Dentist Book Great photos portray a visit the the dentist. Clear text provides a simple introduction to

Mealtime Training Pack

$12.95 $6.50
#BK193 Mealtime Training Pack Informative guide on introducing children to a healthy, balanced diet from an early age Designed for

Feet are not for Kicking Book

$12.99 $6.00
#BK104 Feet are not for Kicking Book Feet were made for walking, standing, leaping, kicking balls or leaves. But not

Ooey,Gooey, Pinkeye Germs Book

$14.95 $7.50
#BK48 Ooey,Gooey, Pinkeye Germs Book An informative book to explain to kids about the germs they can’t see. Children will

Lost Tooth Club Poster

$2.49 $1.25
#PST21 Who Lost A Tooth Poster, this chart will brighten any classroom! 17” X 22” plastic coating for durability and

Dental Health Posters 4/set

$8.50 $2.99
#PST05 4 posters with the following verbal and visual messages: Brush Your Teeth at Home Brush Your Teeth at School Choose

Magi Dragon Puppet

#BP15 Magi-Dragon Puppet  After kids learn where to brush and how to brush, they can practice with the oversized toothbrush

Making Healthy Choices Bulletin Board Set

$12.99 $6.50
#BB08 10 Kid Drawn Illustrations Approx. 11 1/4″ x 16 1/4″, with healthy messages: Exercise Daily Get Plenty of Sleep Take Care

Fun to be Fit Bulletin Boards

$11.99 $6.00
#BB07 Fun to be Fit Bulletin Boards Includes: 17 sports kids . Kids are 6 inches x 17 inches to

Stethoscope .

$12.99 $6.50
#EI01 Stethoscope . Children can hear their own heartbeat and the gurgles in their stomachs. Really works. Provides an exciting

1 Great Plate for Preschoolers Cut-Outs

#PST52 1 Great Plate for Preschoolers Cut Outs 20 plates, 9″ die-cut cardstock in the shape of a plate. 5 different

1 Great Plate for Preschoolers Tablet Spanish

#PST47 1 Gran Plato for Preescolares Take home information sheet for parents. Make your plate great – whatever your taste! Spanish

A Tooth is Loose Book

#BK145 A Tooth is Loose Book This is such a fun book about losing a tooth. Great comical characters show

Being Active Book

#BK181 Being Active Book Colorful and informational book about the various methods of being active. Describes how fun games and

Brush, Brush, Brush!

#BK241 Brush, Brush, Brush! Rookie Board Book for Toddlers Fun Rhythmic Rhyming Instructions for Brushing Teeth Tooth Brushing made Fun with Colorful

Brushing Teeth Book

#BK176  Brushing Teeth Book Great photos Clear text show how, why, when and what he uses to brush his teeth.

Buster. The Glo Germ Mascot

#GGSS Buster. The GloGerm Mascot 6″ high, round, soft. Great for awards, and gifts Reminder for proper handwashing. Demonstrate the

Children’s Choking Poster-updated

#PST40 Children’s Choking Poster-updated Features step-by-step instructions for clearing obstructed airways of children ages 1-8, Including back blows and abdominal

Children’s CPR Poster CAB Approach

#PST48 Children’s CPR Poster CAB Approach Updated with 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines featuring the Compressions, Airway, Breathing (CAB) approach

Dear Tooth Fairy Book

#BK124 Dear Tooth Fairy Book Emily has her first loose tooth. She writes to the Tooth Fairy every day, giving

Dental First Aid Poster English

#PST 01 Dental First Aid Poster Step-by-step, easy to read instructions for the most common  childhood dental injuries in early

Dental First Aid Poster Spanish

#PST 02 Dental First Aid Poster Step-by-step, easy to read instructions for the most common early childhood dental injuries Spanish.