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Cover Replacement Mesh Bag

#LBBG Replacement Mesh Bag for cover #LBCVR If mesh bag for the cover is desired sold separately  

6 Replacement Clips for Toothbrush Cover

#LBCLP Clips (6) clips for replacement for Covers for Toothbrush Holders replace lost or broken clips used for #LBCVR &

Cover Replacement Mesh Bag Long for LBCVR-S

#LBBG-S Mesh Bag for Replacement for Cover If replacement for mesh bag is desired Sold separately Fits #LBCVR-S

Replacement Insert

Plastic replacement insert used in the toothbrush cover to hold up the mesh bag to ensure the bag does not touch the toothbrushes as the toothbrush holder is removed and replaced in the cover.

Cover for Toothbrush Holder

#LBCVR-S Cover for Toothbrush Holder LB20-S This cover was designed to use with the item #LB20-S toothbrush holder. Mesh bags

Hang-It-Up Wallhanger for Toothbrush Holder & Cover

#LBHG1 Hang it up Wallhanger Made of rigid PVC, and can organize toothbrush holders and covers on the wall for