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Buster. The Glo Germ Mascot

#GGSS Buster. The GloGerm Mascot 6″ high, round, soft. Great for awards, and gifts Reminder for proper handwashing. Demonstrate the

Glo Germ Glo-Gel white

#GGGL Glo Germ Glo-Gel White. Effective method of showing children and staff how quickly and easily germs are spread in

Glo Germ Kit with 9 LED UV flashlight

#GGKIT2 GloGerm Kit with 9 LED ultra-violet flashlight. Contains a hand-held 9 LED ultra-violet flashlight, 8 oz bottle of Glo

Glo Germ Powder

#GGP GloGerm Powder 4 oz. container Used to demonstrate proper surface cleaning as well as the spread of germs. Bottle

Glo-Box Display and Carrying Case

#GGBX Glo-Box Display and Carrying Case. You can now conduct GloGerm demonstrations even in brightly lit surroundings. A media sampler