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Making Healthy Choices Bulletin Board Set

#BB08 10 Kid Drawn Illustrations Approx. 11 1/4″ x 16 1/4″, with healthy messages: Exercise Daily Get Plenty of Sleep Take Care

Toothbrush Holder for 20 Toothbrushes

#LB20  Classroom Toothbrush Rack Holds 20 Toothbrushes holds 20 toothbrushes, 19″ long Classroom toothbrush holder Sanitary, Convenient, Sturdy, Portable, &

Mealtime Training Pack

#BK193 Mealtime Training Pack Informative guide on introducing children to a healthy, balanced diet from an early age Designed for

Lil Magi Dragon Practicing Aid

#BP20 Lil Magi Dragon Practicing Aid 10 inches seated 1/2 life size teeth models 4 flossible locations. Oral hygiene entertainer, not

The Delicious Dairy Group Book

#BK219  The Delicious Dairy Group Book First Graphics, Easy to read, Colorful, Great information for kids. 4-6 yrs, (hard cover)

Fluoride Toothpaste-bubblegum flavored- 3 oz.

#TP03  Fluoride toothpaste for young children Bubblegum flavor 3 oz. tubes 72/case ADA Approved (American Dental Association) Recommended for ages

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