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Toothbrush Holder for 5 Infant/Toddler Safety Toothbrushes

#LBPD-5  Infant Toothbrush Rack Toothbrush rack stores 5 infant toddler safety brushes. Classroom toothbrush holders Sanitary, Portable, Convenient, Sturdy and Chemical

Toothbrushing Model

#TM Demonstration Toothbrushing Model & Large Toothbrush Demonstrate how children should brush their teeth, and encourage them to practice their

Glo Germ Powder

#GGP GloGerm Powder 4 oz. container Used to demonstrate proper surface cleaning as well as the spread of germs. Bottle

Emergencias Medicas Book

#BK122 Emergencias Medicas Book Quickly address children’s serious medical situations, including cuts, bites and stings, sudden illness, choking and allergic

Cover for Toothbrush Holder

#LBCVR-S Cover for Toothbrush Holder LB20-S This cover was designed to use with the item #LB20-S toothbrush holder. Mesh bags

Magi Dragon Puppet

#BP15 Magi-Dragon Puppet  After kids learn where to brush and how to brush, they can practice with the oversized toothbrush

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